S : S

“Every song has a story.”

In my least pessimistic moments and my humblest moods, as a musician, I hope to believe that a song I choose to listen will tell me a story, intrigue me into researching, insult my intelligence, obnoxiously slap me in the face with my own ignorance. Hopefully this loop will sustain, resulting in ambitious and explanatory blog posts, trashing the music cyberspace with one more addition.

That said, there has been tremendous amount of songs that has influenced, impressed, affected and teased me during my musical journey. Virtuosity and musicality set aside, I have stumbled upon unexpected however pleasant surprises from different, in other words, out-of-my-scope musicians, justifying the fact that an open-mind is essential to enjoy the colours of music, and I must keep reminding myself of this.

Here’s to diving deep.




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